developer // designer


Kyle Mullins currently works as a developer for the West Virginia Alcohal Beverage Commision. He works with IT group on an online portal that helps keep ABC up and running.

Kyle graduated from Marshall University in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Computer and Information Technology with an Art Minor. During his time at Marshall, he was lucky to intern for The Marshall University Foundation. At The Foundation he taught employees how to manage their website. Also during his time at Marshall, he received scholarship money for winning a holiday card competition picked by late the late president of the university, Dr. Stephen J. Kopp.

You'll find Kyle spending most of his free time coaching basketball, obsessing over his fantasy sports teams, or rooting on Tottenham Hotspur.

full highlight


This is an example a full highlight. It will be an 8-12 minute video that will show anything you send in. No bells and whistles, this will only show what you've done on the court. This is what the college coaches want to see.

highlight mix


This is an example a highlight mix. It's much more fun than the Full Highlight Tape. A Mix Tape will show the very best of your highlights with a beat. This will be designed with social media in mind.